Connect to Two Different AP's at the Same Time.

Hello everyone,
I have two wireless adapters "PCI Marvell Libertas" and "USB Sagem" and i have access to 2 different AP's, The browsin' seem to be a little slow while i'm downloadin', and my work requires lot's of downloadin' , as i have managed to connect to my two different AP's at the same time, i always feel like i'm usin' only one of 'em, so i was wonderin' if i can take advantage of both connection in order to double the speed, and or if there's some way to use one for browsin' and the other for torrent downloads only.. i've tried to mount the USB adapter on Linux usin' Vmware, but it keeps sayin' unable to get IP address,,

However that's not the problem,, all i want to know is if there's a way to make both connection work on windows 7 Ultimate X64,,

Much appreciated,
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  1. Windows will only use one NIC
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