Windows 7 freezes, mose still moves, then it try a reboot

i have just goten my computer back from a repair.
it had a clean install of windows 7 proffesonal.
i started to personalise it.
the next day 20 min in to the sesion it froze.
mouse is stil movebl and the programs can be maximised and minimised but nothing els.
my musik was stil running with no delay or errors. it stayed like that for about a min befor it tryed a reboot. when it rebooted it cudnt find the system disk. i have to manualy power of and on for it to work agein. and afther that it just ceep doing it. it happens with no waring and can even happen when im not there. it happens all fro 5 min to one houer.
i have a corsair force 3 ssd sata as my systemdisc.
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  1. I'd take it back to the repair shop.
  2. aperently this was the ssd disc i had that cused the problem. it is a comon problem for the cosair force 3 ssd discs.
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