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My computer has two audio jacks, one in the back and one in the front. Recently the one in the front stopped working, so I switched to the one in the back (I use headphones)

The sound quality on the audio jack in the back of the desktop is significantly worse than the one in the front, what can I do about this, and why might this be happening?

I called the local computer store and they told me a repair would cost a ton and that I could try unplugging the front audio jack to increase the quality of the sound coming through the back, this didn't work.
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  1. The only way I can explain this is that you plugged the headphones into the wrong jack on the back. That, or there is some issue with either the jack array or the audio chip. So you can try moving the headphones to a different jack and see if that helps, but honestly if anything, the rear jacks should sound better because they are directly connected to the motherboard, not via a cable like the front jacks.
  2. There is no sound in any of the other jacks. : /
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