Best card under $150

So I'm looking for a good budget card that meets the following requirements:

< 450W PSU
< $150
Better Performance is good.

I was thinking 550 ti, but is frowned upon by the community.
Any ideas?
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  1. the 550ti is a bad gaming gpu in general. at that price range, assuming the psu is at least of decent quality, HD 6850 or GTX 460
  2. at that price point my vote goes GTX460 1GB 256MB or 6850 but not the gtx550ti it's just not best bang for buck compared to other GPU in and near same price range
  3. It depends on which 460 your talking about the 460 1GB 256MB is on par with a R6850
  4. I would also say go with the 6850. Its pretty cheap, and they can usually be found with a free game, like Dirt3:
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