Keep my GTX 560 or step-up?

Alright guys really loving these forums due to the fact that everyone is so incredibly knowledgable. So with that said I'm not really sure what to do. Just recently built a system with the I5 3570k, 8gb of memory, 700w psu, and just added a hyper 212 plus and 2 200 mm fans and a scythe 120 that moves a *** ton of air. So with that in mind lets move to my graphics card.

Currently I have a EVGA GTX 560 1GB which has served me well for the past month since I built my system. It runs diablo 3 flawlessly, and I can easily run tribes on at least high, cant remember how high I put it. Anyway, I got the card for a reasonable price, 169.99 after the 30 dollar MIR which was just approved. My question is should I stick with this and just wait a year and then upgrade or should I take advantage of the 90 day window for the step up program and maybe move up to a slightly more powerful card. Concerning games, I'm loving D3 right now and tribes is great, the only thing I'm worried about is longevity as well as performance, basically I don't want to not be able to run games that come out this fall. I realize ill most likely be able to run them but Id love to be able to run them well. Also, I understand BF3 takes quite a toll on GPU's but I'm not really concerned with BF3 or any games that are purely outrageous when it comes to graphics cards.

Sorry for the rant just trying to give as much info as possible. If any other information is needed I will be happy to oblige. Thanks for all the help.
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  1. The step up program is based on the price you paid, which in this case was low. Sort of good news/bad news.
    If you step up, make it a BIG jump, or you may be disappointed. I think you should be looking at the GTX670.

    Considering that things are running ok now, I think I would pass, unless you have $200 to burn.

    In a year, I imagine that there will be better cards at lower prices. At that time, just sell your GTX560 and buy the next best thing.
  2. The GTX 660 should be out in a month or so at a ~$300 or less price point. Based on how good the 680 and 670 are I have high hopes for the 660 to be a good card.

    I think you actually have a GTX 560 Ti? The Ti is a much more powerful card than the non Ti model.
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    I would wait it out and depending on how the 660 performs make a choice then otherwise if your set on upgrading now GTX670 or nothing at all just my 2 cents and what i would do if i was you.
  4. I actually have the non ti version so I think I will wait and see what comes out at what prices.
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  6. So just to make sure the general consensus is that it is only worth upgrading if it's a significant upgrade?
  7. mbossi19 said:
    So just to make sure the general consensus is that it is only worth upgrading if it's a significant upgrade?
    Correct. ;)
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