ANTEC 300 fan setup ?

Hi i have a antec 300 case with a coolmaster v6 heatsink and a gtx 460 gpu.
What fan setup does everyone think works best in this case.
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  1. Two intakes in the front, one exhaust on the top, one exhaust on the rear.
    Fans on the heatsink should be oriented, so when you look at it, it draws air from the right and blows it out to the left. The entire case airflow should go Right (Intake, front of case) to Left (exhaust, back of case).

    I've built in about 6 300s, and this will definitely be your best bet. The side fan is pretty useless unless you're overheating a GPU.
  2. I spent hours last night trying every position fan speed possible in the case and found this the best setup.

    2 x 120mm fans front running at half speed INTAKE
    top and rear stock fans running on low setting EXHAUST
    side running on low EXHAUST
    COOLMASTER V6 running from front to back just over half speed
    GPU running at 50%
    just ordered 3 new 120mm fans as the 3 intakes are loud and don't have a good CFM


    MOBO 25
    CPU 27
    GPU 27

    If i play skyrim on high/ultra settings

    MOBO 29
    CPU 36
    GPU 47

    Running furmark for 30 mins

    MOBO 32
    CPU 40
    GPU 62
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