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i have a branded dell pentium D 3.4 ghz speed with upgraded ram of 2.5 gb my problem is that my motherboard lacks pci x16 slot but it have a pci x1 slot so if i connect a x16 graphic card on this slot can i able to play games like cod4 codmw2&3 (i can not buy a new pc sorry for my bad english)
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  1. no. there is no way that you can fit a x16 card in a x1 slot. it wont work
  2. and also, its time for a complete computer overhaul
  3. but i have seen a mod i which a x16 card is fitted in x1 slot and it was also working
  4. no it just doesnt in your case. there wouldnt be enough bandwidth for the graphics card since you have pci-e 1. even if it is pci-e3 1x, you will never get enough bandwidth to sustain a graphics card.
  5. but why
  6. it just doesnt.......
  7. well my mb has some holes in it with no slot and printed on end a82 and b82 if it is an x16 slot place can i solder an x16 slot here
  8. and also will it work
  9. i dont think so. i wouldnt even try soldering a x16 slot just so that i can make it work
  10. does it have an AGP slot ?.............. or does it have a standard pci slot ?
  11. any modern graphics card uses a pci-e slot. AGP is pretty much dead
  12. thanks for the worthless response. he says he doesn't have a pci-e slot........that was already stated................... so if he doesn't have that you can still buy a video card for a pci slot or and agp slot if he has one. all those games should run in dx9 mode albeit not the greatest but maybe he can't buy a newer set up.
  13. i have 2 identical slots but they are pci slots i have no more slots
  14. go to go to computer hardware/video cards/desktop graphics/..( look under "advanced" in the narrow results category up in top left ).. go to interface/PCI............. see if you can find a decent card there.

    you won't have great performance but if you cannot build another machine right now something will be better than nothing.
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  16. TheBigTroll said:
    found this card on newegg that is pcie 1x

    awesome. first time i saw one of those.
  17. i never knew they even existed
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  19. thanks thebigtroll and swifty_morgan i will check it out
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