Nvidia and built in pyshics compared to AMD 7900 series and a Aegis pyshics card

my old system dell xps 720 had an 8800 ultra and an Aegis pyshics card which I removed as the 8800 did the pyshics and Nvidia latest driver arent compatible with the Aegis card I replaced the 8800 with a gtx 570 with the 8800 running pyshics and was pretty pleased with the result, unfortunately the poweer supply blew and as Dell no longer made the PSU I went through insurance and have got a XPS 8500 with a AMD 7900 series GPU.
Would I be better off running my previous video setup in this new box or would the Aegis card and the AMD GPU give result. I output to a Samsung 51" 3D Plasma via HDMI.
What do you guys think is my best bet
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  1. The Aegia PhysX card is obsolete. If you want to run PhysX games with an AMD card, there is a hack to make it run (do a google search "AMD physx hack"). The alternative would be to install your two Nvidia cards, which are a good pairing and still provide good performance on all the latest games.
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