Core i5 Temperature Issue

Hi all,

So here is the scoop... I built my computer (first build ever) last year, and everything has been working fine up until yesterday when I decided to open up the side panel to clean some of the dust out. While cleaning I noticed that my Core i5 stock CPU cooler was loose. So I decided to push the screws in to tighten it back down. It seemed to be tight after I did it. But when I went to turn my computer back on, it would load for a few seconds and then say that the CPU temperature was too high and begin to take me into the BIOS settings. Why is this happening? What can I do to figure this out?

Computer Specs:
CPU - Core i5 2500k (never overclocked)
MOBO - Asus P8P67-LE
RAM - (4x2) Corsiar Vengeance
Harddrive - Seagate 7200 RPM 1 Terabyte
GPPU - NVidia GeForce GTX 460

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as am ready to take it to a computer repair place.

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  1. I appreciate the post! Turns out my Corsair Vengeance RAM was 1600 MHz and was too high for the CPU. The Intel customer service rep informed me to downgrade to 1333 MHz and after doing that the temperature issue went away. Not sure if that was the problem but it fixed the overheating issue that caused my computer to keep restarting.
  2. What do you believed happened then? I'm just starting to understand the basics of computer components and am very intrigued by the whole build process. Could it have something to do with my ASUS P8P67-LE mother board not allowing custom overclocking? I remember that I switched the auto-settings in the BIOS from "balanced" to "performance" with the 1600 MHz RAM in there. It kept restarting so I switched out the 1600 MHz for some 1333 and the problem went away. Any thoughts?
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