I5 or i7 based on what i'm doing?

Hey I plan on building my computer soon and I currently have an i7 processor but I don't know if it's actually worth the 40 extra dollars im spending (i5's and i7's were on sale). I've tried to understand the hyperthreading features of the i7 but i am a bit too busy with finals to look into it. As i understand it the i7 is good for multitasking but I don't think i'll be doing that much. The most multitasking I might be doing is running a game (as highend as bf3). While running skype. Possibly but very unlikely fraps. With music. Would these programs be running at the same time with a gtx 660 ti processor and keep the framerate unchanged? Or should I just go with the i7. Thank you to any help!

In addition I forgot to mention I might use it to run solid works and auto cad. Or some graphics designs programs (none specific sense im just getting into graphic design)
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  1. The i5 is better for gaming.You need a very expensive i7 to match the i5 for gaming.
  2. Get the i5, no difference in performance in gaming or for your needs as you said.
    The i7 helps with the hyper-threading on intensive apps outside gaming, like video/image editing.
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