Why Video Encoding takes longer On Intel I7 than I5?

I just upgraded my Asus P8Z77-Mpro from an Intel I5 3570K to the Intel I7 3770K to allow me to encode video faster. Unfortunately, just the opposite occurred, and I am puzzled. I have the Asus set to Fast AutoTune mode, so it overclocks the CPU and GPU, but that made little difference. For example, encoding from h.264 file to MJPEG took 2:15 (min:sec) with the I5, but takes 2:44 with the I7. After installing the I7, the MB detected new CPU, and adjusted itself, and windows indicated it installed new device drivers. The windows CPU performace rating for the I7 calculated 7.8. Unfortunately, I do not recall what the I5 indicated. Is there a way to see the history? What may be causing this encoder performance downturn?
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  1. Problem lies with the encoding software as it is probably not optimized to work with the extra threads the i7 offers.Because the i5 has better speed per core than the i7,the i5 is faster.
  2. Often the probelm is not the program or the cpu but your harddrive system(s).

    For example if you only have 1 drive then the program has to read and write to the same drive all while fighting for I/O with the OS. So you see in this case the maximum speed you can get is half of your harddrive speed.

    Depending on what program you use its often recommended to have at least 2 drives and as manay as 4. source and destination drives at a minumum and Os, Source, scratch, and destination drives make up the 4 drive setup.

    What program are you using (is it multithreaded and HT capable?)
    Please list your system spec's. Make and model of all the components.
  3. The system is the same, I only upgraded the CPU. So the HDD is the same as before. The encoder is from an SDK made by Leadtools, which I believe is multi-threaded. So that's why I am puzzled. The OS is Windows 7 pro, 32 bit, with the Asus MB using its on-board intel graphics 4000. I've been told by Leadtools, that the encoding is CPU grinding mostly. I am using for the main drive an SSD 64GB. But the video is on the HDD.
  4. Are you using/not using hardware acceleration in both rigs?

    Those numbers sound like an i5 with video card help and an i7....with no help.
  5. Noob question: did you have Quick Sync enabled on each setup, or does it not play with the encoding programs you use?
  6. No graphics card, just on-board graphics. There is only 1 system we're talking about, just in one case I5, then replaced it with I7.
  7. ebalong said:
    Noob question: did you have Quick Sync enabled on each setup, or does it not play with the encoding programs you use?

    As far as I know Leadtools does not use QSV for any of its decoder/encoders. I think main Concept has done this. Good point!
  8. let the program you use encode the project to the ssd as a test. Now you're slowest point is the sole hdd as the source drive.

    You can move the completed file off the ssd and to 'reclaim' the space just log out of windows so garbage collection/trim can do its thing to zero out those cells.
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