A i5 4000, i5 3570k or phenom 2 965? Gaming?

I want to build a computer. im tired of console gaming till new consoles might even stick to pc idk. i need to know if its a good idea to wait for haswell and get a 7950 3gb 384-bit or get ether a 3570k with the 7950. but I was trying to go cheep. i want to be able to run newer pc games till 2016. would the amd phenom 2 965be with 7850 2gb 256-bit last? i would save like $300 but im willing to buy intel if the phenom and 7850 wont last :o i also want a projector. if i save the $300 what kind of projector could i buy? anyone recommend favi entertainment?
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  1. You have to consider that the phenom, though still capable, is already what? 10 year old technology... The FX might offer you better futurproofing as intel likes to change socket every couple of years - I would suggest you buy as near top of the line as you can, other wise you'll be upgrading every year or two. I wouldnt bother with the first gen FX's either and waiting for the next gen stuff will always leave you waiting. Save up for what you want then buy it.
  2. don't get the phenom, defiantly get one of the intel cpu's. the core 2 quad is still a good gaming processor, so if you buy a 15 now, you'll be good for at least another 5 years. i'd recommend the 3570k, as it uses less power at full load and is unlocked. overclocked, nothing can make an i5 sweat. the phenoim is ok, but gets beat by the i5 in every scenario, and will pull more power to boot. trust me, intel is worth the money.

    to back this up, ihave used both the phenom x4 965 and the 3570k, and i can tell you that the i5 is way better.
  3. what do u think of haswell tho. worth the wait? or will i5 3570 really last 5 years. :o that will be good?
    will haswell i5 be $230?
  4. Haswell is supposed to be a tic in intels tic-toc scheme so it should be a nice improvement. The one after that will be a small improvement as tocs are mostly core optimizations

    ** as I understand it *
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