New build wont turn on or even make a beep

I just built a new computer and it wont even turn on at. All I get is a green steady light from the motherboard and nothing turns on and I dont even get any beeps from the motherboard. I went over every trouble shooting piece of advice i could find. I even built the computer outside of the case (breadboard) and tried every possible combination. At one point I got it to turn on for 5 seconds before it shut down. I built the computer 5 times already trying to find the answer. I want to know if it is the motherboard or the Power supply so i can return the proper item. I dont know because i get the green light and i even did the paper clip trick for the power supply and got it to spin.
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  1. Would you happen to have an extra psu/a friend that has one that you can test out the motherboard with?
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