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Okay i'll get straight to my problem --- I got my computer back from a friend who has fixed a freezing problem. I turn it on and realize my drivers is not updated. I update from windows and install the graphics drivers. I restart and it completely freezes on me after the bios screen. I have a gtx 460. So i go into safe mode and install new drivers from nvidia website for the gtx 400 series. I finish installing but realized there was an error in installing, but it was for like 3d stuff. I restart and get a BSOD. After all this occured i go to a local computer store buy myself a AMD radeon 6570 and plug it in. I turn on my computer and click the power button. for some reason i click it but it seems like it does nothing. so i replace my amd radeon with gtx 460 but now it seems the problem got worse. Both the graphics cards are doing the same thing. I have been up all day trying to figure it out with friends but we just cant find out the problem PLEASE HELP :cry: :cry:
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  1. What exactly did your friend do?
  2. He reset the bios
  3. Well it seems that the problem is in the software, but without all the specifications I can't be sure.

    Try using your computer without add-on graphics cards, just the IGP. And see if you can boot it up right.
    If your computer works alright, with just the integrated graphics, clean up the system. First uninstall the upgraded drivers. Then clean your registry, scan for viruses, and create a restore point. Now reinstall the graphics card you want,
    with the latest drivers.

    I hope your computer works right. I know how time consuming these things problems can be.
  4. Okay well, my computer is custom made. it doesn;t have integrated graphics. The computer won't even show up so idk how im suppose to do anything.. Very frustrating :l
  5. All I can think of is a complete reset. Do whatever you can to get your computer the way it was when you first got it. And go from there. Put it back together piece by piece, and see if you can at least get something to work. If all else fails you might just have to salvage what you can, and build a new computer.
  6. How would i test to see whats failing on my computer. Would i have to take one part out each time to see if thats the problem?
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