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I need help finding a graphic card! I did my research and all, but it is still hard to find one that will be cheap, but at the same time meet my needs.

I play light-hearted games like Minecraft and Spiral Knights at low-medium graphics. I am using an on board HD 3200 which is bottlenecking my Phenom I X4 1.8.

My power supply is 300 watts and my MoBo is a AMD 780G.

Umm, so here are my firewalls (not software, choosing card wise)

-Please dont choose a Nividia card, my whole system is basically made by AMD /ATI and I heard Nividia cards don't play nice when paired up with an AMD processor.

-Nothing over 300w. I know that kills most things in the running but i'm trying to make it economical :)

Thanks all!
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  1. Which graphics cards have you been considering? A good budget card that fits your needs is the HD6570 or the 6670.
  2. I've been looking at the Radeon cards in the #600 area.
  3. You might have trouble running anything above a 6570 on 300w. What brand is your power supply?
  5. I dont know what brand my PSU is. Any way to check externally?

    Also, i'm cool with a 6570 IF it can run my games at high graphics and have some confidence in FPS.
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    Well you cant run modern games on high with a 6570. You can run them on medium and low settings. You can play minecraft and spiral nights fine with this card, and there is no way to check externally for the psu.
  7. That's cool. I want this card so I don't lag horribly when I notch up the graphics a bit.
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