Is an ATI Radeon hd 6450 grapghics card compatible with a pentium 4 (3.2ghz) pro

trying to find out if this grapghics card is compatible or not the graphics card is : Force3D AMD ATI radeon HD 6450 2Gb DDR3 HDMI DVI VGA video graphics card PCI express pcie x16 HD 1080P windows 7/vista/XP

and the processor is an intel pentium 4 3.2ghz processor
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  1. It will be fine. Processors and graphics cards don't have to be compatible. Of course if you have a very fast graphics card and very slow processor, or vice versa, games won't run well, but that is not your case.
  2. As long as your motherboard has a PCI-e slot you should be ok.
  3. its not the fact that the gpu and the cpu has to be compatible to each other, its how each individual part compatible with the motherboard
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