Hello, need help with a very aggrevating problem.

Hello all, i am completely new to this website and made this account to get some help. I recently upgraded my motherboard, RAM, and processor. I upgraded to an AMD Phenom II 3.4 ghz and AMD RAM and obviously an AMD Mobo. I am not so great with computers and here is whats going on. This is a gaming computer for me and i have been having a good time with it until my parts got fried and i had to upgrade. Now since the upgrade, I can't run games that i normally could before because they just wont open, or they do open and then they stop responding. Games i can get to work i get much less frames when i just upgraded from a 2.33 ghz to a 3.4 ghz. I dont understand what could be causing this problem. I GPU is a Zotac 550 TI and i have already installed the drivers for the mobo and i have already installed the drivers for the 550 ti. This problem is very annoying because there seems to be no reason to me. Also a side note, when i start up my computer it get an Eaccess violation error.
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  1. After the motherboard upgrade did you reinstall windows? If not what you have is a massive driver conflict.
  2. No i did not reinstall windows because i dont have the windows disk and i cant afford to buy another OS. I just installed a bunch of windows updates, will that help me..?
  3. Also, i just registered Windows..
  4. I do not know what to say about that. You are having issues and the only way I can think of repairing those is with a minimum repair install preferably clean install. If you can borrow a win disk and use your win license key you should be able to do that. Sometimes you can find a disk image free for download of the web and MS charges a minimal fee if you get it from them.
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