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I have an Asus GTX 570 direct asus gtx 570 directcu ii on a gigabyte z77x ud3h. I want to put in another gtx 570 so i can run it in sli.. however, the only problem i find is that the asus card is too big!! it takes 3 slots.. i was wondering what i could. Like buy another brand for example a gigabyte 570 on the top and the asus one on the bottom. Also my psu is a corsair 750w 80+ bronze. Would that be enough?

thanks in advance
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  1. PSU is good. yes, you can SLI to different 570s
  2. ^+1. You could even do with 700w.
  3. that's a good idea.
  4. Thank you for the replies!!! I will do that then. Any recommendation on which 570 to use?
  5. I already have 1 gtx 570. And They are around 220-250euro, I don't live in america.. so a lot cheaper than a single 670.. so I rather go for another 570..
  6. also.. does the SLI have to have the same v-ram? And if i have two cards with 1GB each does that mean i have 2gb of video ram?
  7. No, they do not have the same type or amount of vram to be in SLI. Yes, the amount of vram gets added up.
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