Graphics Card suggestions under 300 Bones...

I can't really afford a high priced Graphics card 'right now', so I am wondering if I can get some suggestions for a Graphics card under $300 for my system:

i7 2700k CPU @ 3.5Gh w/win7pro
60GB patriot pyro ssd + 1TB storage HDD + 150GB Backup HDD
maximus V mother board
+many :fou: fans
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  1. What games were you thinking of playing?
  2. Regardless of the game, I think this would be a good option
    Or This

    Both options would run games at ultra or high without a problem!
  3. would it be worth it to go the extra $50 for a:

  4. 7850, gtx 570, or gtx 480

    It is superior to anything else for the price just bios flash
    just at the top end but you will defiantly not be dissapointed
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