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Im building a server with a buddy for web hosting.

z77 chipset
32gb of ram
tonz of hard drives
dedicated network card
11 ish fans
disc drive
NZXT Switch 810 case :bounce:

Id prefer psu advice but if you have small notes about the rig in general im open to opinions. Im looking for 650w or less and i'd like it to be corsair. Also, since it will be constantly running my buddy wants gold or better power rating. What do you guys recommend? Is the gold worth it ? I know 650 is a bit much but thats where the gold normally kicks in. Also be aware we are in a desktop case not a server rack.
Id like to spend 100 or less. Through work i get special corsair pricing so if its more then 100 and corsair chances are i can get it cheaper.
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  1. 650 isnt that much dude, i will hook u up with something nice, also anything bronze or more is better, but if ur letting run all the time ud want something energy efficient def.

    so gold or better is worth it.

    but in ur budget 100-110$ is realistic:

    120$ corsair 650watt


    fsp aurum very solid ps, platinum rated 115$

    u aint getting a 650watt gold under 100$ unless its on rebate.
  2. what about a tx550?
  3. the ones i suggested are alot better.

    id go with those :)

    tx 550 isnt bad either tho if ur short on cash
  4. How many hard disk drives? What is the brand and model number of each?

    Does the motherboard BIOS allow staggering the power up of each hard disk drive? You need to take into account the inrush current on power rails that the hard disk drives use or you may trigger the over current protection circuit on the rail that may become overloaded if all of the hard disk drives were to power up at the same time.

    If you don't exceed the number of hard disk drive power connectors that came with the power supply unit you'll be safe.
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