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I am getting a new Laptop and i need advice before i finally buy it. it is a dv6z-7000 with an A10 4600m with 8gb memory.
System Specs
A10 2.3ghz(3.2ghz)
8gb memory
640gb Hdd
HD 7730M Graphics
9 Cell Lithium Ion Battery

I plan on using it for school and playing SWTOR, Star trek online , and Railworks 3.
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  1. Specs look fine. How much does it cost?
  2. Chairman Ray said:
    Specs look fine. How much does it cost?
  3. Nice, A10 fast enough and low power. And games. Will need external mouse so grab one for gaming.

    Suggest you sign up for the $15 win8 offer for people who buy win7 ststems now (if HP doesn't include a free future upgrade). You never know when you might want to try it (although win8 looks not so great right now). google it.

    Aside: SSD prices have really fallen. If you burned your recovery media, slapped in a 120 GB SSD for less then $100 and then restored your system from the recovery media you'd have a laptop with slightly longer batter life that would boot much faster. Here is a relaible Samsung drive, there are also Sandforce drives, etc. Clearly number of games stored suffers with a 120GB drive vs. your spinning 640GB.
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