Upgrade My Video Card

Alienware Aurora ALX
BIOS Version A08
BIOS Date 04-27-10
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Proccessor: i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20GHz
L2 Cahce Size 1024
Virtual Memory 24556.0MB
Video Card 2-ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series 1024MB CrossFireX

My budget is $600. I want dual dvi and hdmi out put.
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  1. power supply? though im going to assume its enough, you can afford a gtx 680/hd 7970 but i would have to say to look for an 670(asus dcii or evga is usually the top contendors) as its the best price to performance contender.
  2. If your not planning on overclocking than a 670 or a 680 if you want it. If you are going to overclock a lot a 7970 will probably be better
  3. Thanks for all the info.
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