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Hey guys. I'm finally done building my first gaming computer. But I'm not sure if I'm quite finished. I am worried about the wiring and stuff. I am pretty sure I got everything connected such as the graphics card, psu, optical drive, hard drive, motherboard, and stuff but I'm worried about the LED lighting and stuff. Like I used up all the wires that my zalman z11 plus case gave me. Not all of my asrock extreme4 z77 slots are taken up. Is this okay? Also I'm not sure where the PLED + and - go. I am sure that it's either the front system panel or the power led header. Both have PLED + and - slot but the power led header has an additional PLED+. Here are the pics of my built computer. Tell me if anything is wrong. Also will anything blow up if something is misplaced? :P

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  1. Also will this cable management work or should I fix it? Will anything get in the way of the electric flow?

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