How to compare fan airflow.

So most case fans base their measurements of airflow on CFM. But I noticed that noctua quantifies airflow with c^3/h. Is this the same measurement? It makes me not want to buy from them because I am worried that it is actually weaker than what they want you to think. Also, are noctua fans as quiet as this video makes it out to be? The one I am looking at is the NF-B9 PWM. Thank you.
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  1. Noctua fans are purported to be among (if not) the quietest fans out. From what I have read and seen, they are among the best overall - six year warranty on a fan is rare. I've just never been able to justify the cost myself or I'd probably have them hanging all over my builds.
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  2. Sythe Gentle typhoons are the best noise to airflow. Very good static pressure and CFM for the noise.
  3. The reason I was looking at that fan was, it is pretty cheap and seems quiet, but I have no clue what that unit of measure is.
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    I've been looking at that, not unexpected to list cubic meters/h (M^3/h) since they are an Austrian company... the numbers seem to be okay, let's see if I'm doing it right. 64.3 meters per hour divided by 60 = 1.07 cubic meters per minute times 35.31 cubic feet per cubic meter gives me 37.7 cubic feet per minute (cfm). I guess that's not bad for a quiet fan.
  5. Thanks. I had a feeling that they were using those numbers to make is seem like it had higher airflow than it really did. Do you have any other suggestions for good 92/120mm case fans that are relatively quiet?
  6. 'fraid not, quiet fans are not my forte - I have three Ultra-Kazes running full blast in my bedroom, the noise doesn't bother me. Sorry
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  8. Here's an option that keeps catching my eye lately, the Corsair Air Series SP120 Quiet Edition - price seems good, again, I don't really know about quiet fans though
    Thanks for the BA, enjoy
  9. IF you don't mind continuing help, I was looking at cougar fans. Do those look good to you, or should I pass on them?
  10. For air and case cooling I would say the Cougar fans have the Corsair fans beat, more airflow, quieter rating... my interest in the Corsairs are more appropriate for radiator applications - since you started this thread, I've been considering replacing my ultra-kazes from my rad since they are by far the loudest ambient noise makers in the house - I hadn't noticed it much before.
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