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I am building my first desktop, but for some reason it won't power on at all. There are no signs of power, no fans on, lights or beeps.

Should the power supply show any signs of being on when it is plugged in and switched on? The power supply is a Thermaltake model TT-450NL2NK.

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  1. 1. Did you switch on the power supply? The power supply should have its own switch.

    2. Is there anything shorting out against the case? Try building your computer without the case, on top of cardboard or something non-conductive.
  2. Thank you, the power supply is switched on and plugged in. I have tried different outlets in my apartment. Should I try to run the power source with a paper clip?

    I just built it on top of cardboard like you said, but that didn't make a difference either.

    I rechecked that the cpu, ram and connectors were installed correctly. The power button is connected to the motherboard like the instructions show, double checked that the positive and negative was installed right.

    Thank you for the help, I work full time and go to graduate school online for a MBA, so I need a computer that works. I've had to learn to fix my laptop myself because I don't have much money. It became too expensive and unreliable to fix so I'm building the desktop to have a working computer that I can afford. Now I just need it to turn on lol. :)

  3. Hello!

    Just a thought:

    Unplug all the front panel connectors from the motherboard and short the 2 main power pins of the mobo with a screwdriver or with something else. I've had problems with manuals that are actually very confusing about the front panel connector installation.

    PS. What motherboard you have? I think it should have a led showing when the power is switched on from the back of the psu.

    PSS. And of course u remembered to plug-in the 12v power connector??
  4. Hi, thanks for the help. :) I have a msi 760GM-P21 motherboard. It didn't come with very detailed instructions, just a simple diagram, so maybe something is wrong with how the power button is connected. I couldn't find a manual online?

    There is no sign of any power at all. I got the power supply fan to turn on by shorting it away from the motherboard. It doesn't turn on though when actually plugged into the motherboard. I plugged in the 12v connector also. :)

    Which ones would I short on the motherboard? #6 and #8 on the diagram in the picture? This is where I have the power button connected to.

    Here is a picture of the little bit of instructions that it included:
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    link for the manual if you need it

    pin #6 and #8 seems to be the right one yes :)

    try to clear cmos first. It is done by shorting the 2 pins near the battery. The pins are labeled "JBAT1" AND rREMEMBER NOT TO KEEP'EM SHORTED WHEN TRY TO TURN IT ON!!
  6. Thank you :) I figured out the problem, the 12v power connector was on sideways. I didn't think it could go on wrong , everything else is designed to only go on one way. After I fixed that everything works great. :)
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