GTX 690 crashing when loading windows 7

Well I got my gtx 690 signature edition this morning, of course I was extremely excited about all this. 14 hours later I'm still trying to troubleshoot it. Here's what I'm looking at; power on computer, get to windows loading screen. When it goes to pop into windows and let me type in my password, my screen goes blank. If I uninstall the card from the device manager I can boot into windows, but only until I restart it again to finish installing drivers. I'm looking to get some more ideas before I decide to RMA this card.

Running a P8p67 Revolution board, and Sandy Bridge I7 2600k, and previously two radeon 5770's

Let's see if I can remember some things I've tried already:
Clean install
Changed PCI-E slots
Changed the cord to every plug on the card
Updated bios
Disabled startup programs and services
Checked and reseated power supply cables
Tried different versions of drivers
Unplugged all external peripherals to ensure no interference

Probably some other things I missed that should be added to that.

The only other idea I have is, looking at the fact that it's the signature edition, the card is factory overclocked from 950mhz to 1019mhz. I want to try and downclock it to 950 to see if it'll help, but I can't use any of the OC programs from safe mode.

Maybe someone who has one can copy a profile for me with the origional clocks? I don't even know at this point. :??:
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  1. Did you completely sweep your radeon drivers? Maybe try reinstalling windows...maybe something got left over from your previous drivers thats messing with your card.

    I'd say that if you re-installed windows and still can't get the card to work (and other cards work just fine) its RMA time. Its kinda BS when you spend $1000 and get a faulty card.

    By the way what PSU do you have?
  2. I'm pretty sure I did, is there (another) tool out there you'd recommend?
    Reinstalling windows is definitely an option, however much I'd hate to... But at least I can backup everything this time! :D

    Edit: Seasonic 1000W 80plus platinum

    Edit edit: Maybe I should bring it to a friends house who already has a 690 and throw it in his system.
  3. Well your psu is definitely not an issue. Did you use driver sweeper? I would try with your friend...and maybe put his in your system (haha). Ignore my sexual jokes.

    But in all seriousness try stuff in this order:
    -swap the 2 690s. If yours doesnt work in his system but his works in your then yours is bad.
    -if his works in his but not your its probably software related and unless you can pin down the cause a clean install of windows will probably be needed.
  4. Nice hahaha.

    I'll try out driver sweeper now just to quadruple check. Gotta wait till tomorrow to trade with my friend, unfortunately.

    And here I was at 9:30am this morning clapping like a retarded seal when I took the thing out of the box.

    Edit: On a side note, I can still wear this tshirt I got with the card, even if the thing doesn't work! :kaola:

    I usually boot into safe mode, wipe drivers, and then boot into windows and install nvidia drivers
  6. Hmm well that didn't work either, guess we're on to the hard parts.
  7. Good luck! Id be pulling my hair out trying to get it to work
  8. I managed to overcome that this time around without much of a problem, and have moved on to the stage where I've pretty much given up lol.

    It's funny, two of my friends both got theirs used off craigslist for a damn good price, and theirs work flawlessly. I get a new "signature" edition one that just refuses to cooperate at all.
  9. One thing you can try as well is to show all hidden drivers (devices not connected) in the device manager.

    Open Device manager > View > Show Hidden devices

    Hopefully there are still some AMD display drivers in there that you can uninstall/delete.

    And download the latest drivers from nVidia, driver on the disk will most probably be an old driver.

    oh, and did you put the card in your top PCIe slot? I had an issue with one of my cards where I plugged the thing in the 2nd PCIe slot and had all sorts of issues.
  10. Ohhh I didn't even know about that Show Hidden Devices option, that's awesome, but nothing there that looks related, sadly.

    I tried 3 different versions of the drivers, including the disc and the newest off the website.

    Currently the card is in the top slot, have tried changing slots already as well.
  11. Ok, next logical step will be to swap with your friend and see what happens.

    OR if you can, reinstall Windows to start with a fresh set of drivers. Boot in to Save mode to copy all required documents etc to a save place if required.
  12. Sorry for the late reply.
    I tried a fresh OS and came up with the same results.

    So at that point I just thought the damn thing was DOA, but alas, I brought it to my friends house and it functioned perfectly on his system.

    Now I'm at a total loss.


    Bump posts
  13. I had a similar issue, could boot into windows but it was using a safe-mode-vga to boot into windows. So i could see I was getting a hardware level error in device manager.

    I fixed it by installing windows on a junk drive in the same box, once i installed windows (with fresh drivers) it not only worked just fine on the new install, but it had corrected the incorrect clock values that my card seemed to have shipped with. Now I could remove the new drive and boot into my old OS with the new card.

    Short story: try a dvi cable to see if the card is crashing into safe mode, if so do a fresh install with drivers first, and try the other cable.
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