Radeon HD5770 too hot?

Hello everyone I am rather new to these forums but I decided to join in hopes I might receive some answers to my questions. Recently I just purchased an LG 23' monitor that runs at 1900x1080 resolution which I upgraded from an old 20' 1600x900. The thing is the monitor only had an HDMI port so I went out and bought one, I connected it to the hdmi port in my video card but now the fan has been running quite loudly. I downloaded speedfan and at idle the gpu temp is around 50-54, and when I play WoW it spikes up to around 60-65. I really don't want to have to go back to an older monitor to stop this, so is there any additional fans I could buy to help this? Or is that temperature safe? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated thankyou in advance!
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    You are totally fine!

    Worry when you are exceeding 90c.

    Thank you for the reply! :D
    If you don't mind extending a bit more advice, would upgrading the stock fans my computer came with help with regulating the temperature of the GPU as well as the computer overall? And is the loud fan normal or anything to worry about?
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    You have absolutely nothing to worry over.. i hit 70c on a hot day with a custom cooled 480 ;)

    I just set it to higher settings at it did reach 71c and the fan never gets quiet, in your HONEST opinion what would be the best action? And if it does start to reach 80c should I just back off and return the monitor? I have 30 days to take it back. Again, THANK YOU for the help, wasn't sure how to handle it, was so nervous I was considering just taking it back tomorrow. :(
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    You will always have high temps with any monitor/graphics card, that is the perks of more than 1 monitor ;)

    Temps are fine!

    Well see that is the thing, I'm only using the LG 23' I'm not using two monitors which it why it seems so odd that the card would be working so hard. Any tips on cooling the thing, or perhaps would going with a 20' 1900x1080p monitor make it less stressful on the card?
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    Size makes no difference, can i have a picture of inside your case?

    Unfortunately my camera is in my Cousin's room, who is asleep at the moment but I will be able to post one tomorrow. I think it's worth noting that on the 20' monitor I was using DVI and not HDMI, and the only hdmi port was on the video card itself so wouldn't that mean that it wasn't causing as much turmoil on the card?
  5. Hm, well I just remember yesterday before I got this monitor it was never this loud but I never did see what the temperature was at with the old one, I suppose that is something worth looking into tomorrow. As for seeing inside my case, what things will you be looking for exactly?
  6. Yeah I considered that and I cleaned out the card today with compressed air including the other parts fort he computer. I imagine if it's the airflow then I'm simply screwed with this monitor unless I get some better fans?
  7. Yeah just as a quick update I popped in the old monitor and it seems that WoW peaked at only 63, I really think this is going to be a case of a crappy case and bad stock-fans. For now I'll just get a refund and work my way up proper by getting a new case and fans I guess. Perhaps I should post some pictures so that people can give ma good idea of where to start?
  8. Ugh, I just didn't think it would be this much of a hassle simply upgrading to a newer monitor, alot to learn I guess. I'm assuming the reason it performs better on this monitor is because it's dvi with a max res of 1600x900 and the other was a constant 1900x1080
  9. I don't think that is the issue, I really just think it's the casing and the lack of proper air flow. I have this Gateway FX6840-03e from about two years ago, needless to say the case is not spectacular. Plus I'm not sure upgrading the video card is necessary or no?
  10. What did you have in mind? Plus won't there be the lingering issue of the bad air flow?
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