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I am looking at either getting SLI GTX 480's or a EVGA Classified GTX 590 OC. I am unsure about my power supply for the GTX 480's in SLI, although I've heard I can run them with it, some people don't think I can, so idk.

Pick a choice guys and give me some reinforcement if possible

1) EVGA Classified GTX 590 OC


2) EVGA GTX 480's SLI

Price is about the same for either and I don't feel like spending close to $850 for SLI GTX 670s or $550 for a GTX 680. I am looking for alternatives to a GTX 670 and both of these deliver better performance as well. I can get either of these solutions for around $400. My power supply is a Corsair Enthusiast Series TX 750w V2 80 plus bronze certified:

Furthermore, I know the EVGA Classified GTX 590 OC would work no problem with my Power Supply. Both of these options perform similar, but I can probably get the GTX 480s for a bit less, hoping that I don't need to upgrade my power supply though, if I were to do this. My cooling in my case is reallllly good, and air conditioning in my room, and my HAF 912 gaming case has enough room, made sure by also removing the hard drive brackets.
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  1. I'm at more then 1.3v now dude I'm like 1.43v, I idle at like 30c, and I have 3 case fans and the H80 Cooling system has 2 fans on it.
  2. Is that taking into account my CPU, hard drive, DVD drive, etc?
  3. I have 2 small hard drives actually like a 100GB and 500GB right now in the PC
  4. So... conclusion?
  5. But dude my question is this, why get those 2 and sli them and have to deal with the heat and not overclocking at all or being able to tink or anything, and making sure I am extra careful with *** cause I'm close to peaking it, when I can get an EVGA Classified GTX 590 OC which I can overclock a bit, and it beats the SLI GTX 480 especially with some OC headroom, it needing less power then GTX 480 SLI. Plus around the same price I can find one for new.
  6. It is factory overclocked anyway dude, the EVGA Classified GTX 590. Not the reference ones. 800mhz each, well I won't be able to oc the 480s at all anyway huh?
  7. So now you're saying I can overclock the 480s lol?
  8. LOL, I never said I would touch the voltage on them, just use software to up the clocks a little like usual, no crazy OCing. Yeah you don't recommend it Getting closer to that peak man, it's probably not worth it. An EVGA Classified GTX 590 factory OC is probably a better deal and safer for me in the end dude. Also you're wrong you can easily OC the Classified Edition a bit man, I'm not saying extreme OC, but it is overclockable.
  9. Yeah the EVGA Classified GTX 590 is already factory overclocked a bit to 630MHz (vs 607MHz reference) and theShader Clock to 1260MHz (vs 1215MHz reference).
  10. No I'm talking about the EVGA CLASSIFIED GTX 590, not the reference GTX 590 from EVGA.
  11. Actually no, it says 700W Minimum, which is better then 750W Minimum for the GTX 480s in SLI, that looks a lot better to me dude. Also going off of this chart:
  12. I am worried I don't want to blow *** up man and have to also spend another $150-ish dollars for a power supply to run the configuration man, which is kind of uneeded in my opinion at the cost of a few fps, and not even really, The CLASSIFIED 590 beats the 480s in SLI in some games as well.
  13. Yeah, dude I mean in the end they will both give me realllly good performance for my 1080p gaming needs for atleast the end of this year anyway man. They are both negligible in performance and destroy most games out there, and they both beat the GTX 670 and 680s. 590 comes close to 690 in some games.
  14. Yeah dude, if I had extra money and if I had like a single gtx 480 now, I'd be all over it. But right now with what I have it makes sense to get the EVGA Classified GTX 590 dude. It's just a better solution for me. Plus it's a bit factory overclocked already plus a little headroom for some more OC.
  15. Yeah dude, I bet the dual gtx 480's in sli are beasts man, why do you think I've been thinking about this and discussing this with you for soo long, cause I'm interested too lol.
  16. In this case, I can't go with straight performance because my power supply is holding me back a bit, budget-wise and seriously man those things get reallly hot lol
  17. I can think I can deal with being conservative this time, and I am still getting a huge leap in performance over my 6870 black edition dude, c'mon! lol, and I should be able to break 10K in 3d mark 11' as well.
  18. Yeah, you've definitely done your part, and we've thought it through, all the things we can really discuss man, and the best option is just the better option for me right now, without spending more money and power supply safety lol.
  19. Best answer selected by mf2385.
  20. And I get up this morning and the seller removed the 590 off Ebay, wonderful.... lmao
  21. Yeah dude, I had top bid it wasn't even high, and I was talking to the seller in messages about buying it now and everything, that sucks... ;/
  22. Ugh... Just might have to wait for those ASUS GTX 670 Direct CU II Tops to come back in now, or the new MSI GTX 670 Power Edition.
  23. lol throw me a new 900 watt 80 plus gold power supply and u got yourself a deal lol ;)
  24. I wouldn't mind dude, even considering heat and power consumption if I knew for a fact it would work and not have to worry about power. It would just cost me like around $600 dollars to do that kind of setup with a new PSU dude, and even for really nice old tech idk if that's worth it.
  25. This almost makes me want to wait for like the 7970 x2, GTX 685 or something too, ugh..
  26. I tell you what I'm gonna order something soon or gonna go nuts hehe
  27. lol, 7970 x2 yeah was just reading about it like a few days ago, oh well. I mean there's always the MSI GTX 680 Lightning with all unlocked voltages and more digital VRMS. lol
  28. I don't know ;/
  29. This isn't solved yet lol, ugh...
  30. So I'm guessing getting an AMD card is just a bad idea huh lol.. No reason to even look?
  31. No, as in don't even look or no, I am wrong and maybe look into it, cause I've been wanting NVIDIA anyway.
  32. Yeah, I hear you but what other choice do I have 560 ti 448 SLI?
  33. $700 range.
  34. Let's say $400-650 actually.
  35. idk I'd have to look into it but what kind of performance would I be getting with that kind of setup? I know a GTX 560 Ti 448 alone is a bunch better then my single HD 6870 Black Edition I have now lol, basically like a GTX 570.
  36. I mean it says on that chart only need 650w psu to run them in SLI plus some headroom to overclock!?
  37. So I should try to get high OC GTX 560 TI 448 OC cards then and SLi, probably easy to, let me look into it, see if you can find some good OC ones also dude, what about the FTW Edition 560 Ti 448 Cores?
  38. I don't need to buy a new power supply either to run these in SLi, so I can afford to spend a bit more on 2 of these to SLi. Let's say my budget is like around $650.
  39. lol no way man haha I am seeing a bunch priced pretty well on Newegg and Ebay actually around 250-275 each dude.
  40. I don't think I even need to spend over $550 for both dude. Plus I'll be getting better performance then a 670 or 680 probably also if OCed and everything.
  41. Lol my power supply can't take two 580s dude, lmao
  42. F that dude, we're talking GTX 560 Ti 448 SLi, not 580 SLi lmao
  43. So do you think that's what I should do, better performance then a 680 at less money and I will have some headroom to overclock them to 900mhz each, let's say I get two of those CLASSIFIED GTX 560 Ti 448 cores, already at 810mhz, pump them up to 900mhz each.
  44. Let's say I hit 925mhz on each of those overclocked, since only need 625w psu for 560 Ti SLi and I have a quality 750w psu, I should be able to overclock and get really good FPS, like basically almost a 590, 480 sli anyway right, without crazyyy heat or peaking my power supply to its limits.
  45. So should I go for that less money then a gtx 680 and better performance! I will be SLI at 8x/8x will that matter?
  46. My motherboard is a z68x gigabyte ud3h-b3
  47. Ok sounds good! Thanks man, and I will take screenshots do some 3d mark 11' with them as well and post!
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