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So did a boot test today on my core components I got recently to check them out before my case gets here, and I am a bit worried about something in particular. Using a ASRock Z77 extreme 4 mobo with a i5 3570k cpu. After properly aligning the cpu, correctly I might add, it took quite a bit of force to get the damn locking lever in place. Is this normal practice for this socket? I did some reading and it is supposed to be that way apparently, but I still have my doubts.

Did a boot, sadly no internal speaker to hear the beep, but it runs through checking components fine on the Dr. Debug screen and gives me a d7, which is supposed to be missing keyboard apparently.

Did I do this right? It is my first build and scared to hell. Have to wait for my other parts to get here before I can do a full 100% boot.
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    It is right it is stiff. It would shut off straight if there was something wrong with the CPU.
  2. I remember my first build -- try not to panic, because these conflicts are regular. I assume that you have correctly installed the CPU, which does take quit a bit force to lock into place. Seems like you are good so far.
  3. I have an extreme 4 and 3570k and I was worried too. I had to push much harder than I wanted to with the clamp. Don't worry about it. It will work.
  4. after years of amd i got a 2600k

    and the grinding noise and force it needed to install it gave me nightmares

    but it all worked fine :D
  5. Ok, thanks all, hopefully when I give it a total boot in a few days all will be well.
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