ASUS Z9PE D8 - WS & Xeons QA92: second socket does not work


The (essentials) hardware components of my new system are as follow:

CPU: 2 Xeon QA92 (2687w ES)
MB: Asus Z9PE-D8 WS
PSU: Seasonic 1000W Platinum
Memory: 4x8GB Samsung ECC/REG 1600 Mhz
GPU: Nvidia 7800GT (temporary,for test only)

Now my problem is that I can't get post with 2 cpu togheter: if I use only socket 1, then both cpu seems to work just fine and the system boot flawless.

I checked all the four ram modules and no problem found.

I replaced GPU card with another from ATI: same issue (no post/boot with the 2 cpu on the 2 sockets - boot and start with just one cpu on socket 1)

I switched power cables from socket 1 to 2 and viceversa: same issue ---> I don't have another PSU that can handle this system so I can't be 100% sure but does not seems to me that the PSU it's the problem here...

I updated the bios to the last version (503): same issue / "updated" to the first version (311): same issue

The problem is that i get NO post, NO boot: after pressing the power button the CPU's fan
rotates for a few seconds then the system stop : NOTE THAT THE Q-CODE DISPLAY STAYS OFF!!! (with one cpu on socket 1 it works perfectly)

Any idea/suggestion?

The MB it's faulty? Some setting in bios need to be changed?

Thank you very much for any reply
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  1. I know you said you don't have another PSU that would be sufficient, but the fact that it boots and runs fine with 1 CPU, but then acts very much like not enough power with 2 CPUs makes me think that the PSU has to be considered suspect.

    Also, just to make sure, did you try both CPUs in the first socket? It is also certainly possible one of the CPUs is bad.
  2. Thanks for your advice.

    Yes, I tried both cpu on socket 1 and they both work fine. The system boot without problems, so does not seems that one cpu it's faulty.

    Me too was thinking that the PSU can be the culprit, but the strange thing is that the Q-CODE display (a sort of MB "status monitor") does not turn on at all with 2 cpu onboard when work perfecly with just one cpu: I think that even if the PSU has problems, at least it would be able to provide power to turn on the Q-CODE display (like it in fact did with just one cpu) but here the system is "capable" to turn on just the cpu fan for few seconds, then it totally stop. This bother me.

    Just in case, I will try to find another PSU to verify if this is the problem.
  3. If you can scrounge up another PSU and it still doesn't work, I would say you have a legitimate RMA issue, so feel free to hit me up via email or PM (but email will probably be more reliable) with an RMA number if you want a status update or run into some sort of unexpected difficulty.

    And I suppose while you're at it, you could also take out the video card to try and reduce the potential load on the PSU. If it POSTs after that, then you have some pretty strong evidence to the PSU being the problem. Maybe disconnect any ODDs and HDD/SSDs you have connected as well.
  4. Thank you for your kind assistance.

    I already tried the system without the GPU: still same issue.

    I haven't connected (yet) the SSds and other peripherals that I purchased, exactly for the reason that you mentioned.

    If the PSU it's ok, then I think that there are only two possibilities:

    1) the Mainboard is somewhat faulty

    2) the two CPUs are incompatible each other for working togheter (at least on the mainboard in my possesion): do you think that this an hypothesis possible?

    Keep in mind that my cpu are Xeon QA92 (= Xeon E5 2687w ES) and I know that, for example, Xeon QAMT (another Xeon 2687w ES stepping) has problem to work in pair on this mainboard BUT i read also that QA92 stepping must work just fine on the Asus Z9PE D8 - WS (that's the reason I purchased this mainboard - and of course also because I believe that Asus is the best out there!)

    Thanks again
  5. To be honest with you, it's been a very long time since I've had to deal with SMP boards, but if memory serves you need to have two matched CPUs. Your specific CPU is listed as supported since BIOS revision 311 as you already pointed out, so I would say if you get a new PSU (ideally with a bit more capacity than your current one, say a 1.2MW) and the problem persists, you've done a pretty good job of narrowing it down to a likely bad second CPU socket.

    Even if you can't find a second PSU, I'd say you have a pretty good case for a bad board. It'd be a much better case if you can rule out the PSU though.

    I suppose if you happen to have access to some other supported CPUs and want to give those a shot, you can try that, but I don't expect you have a lot of Xeon's just sitting around.
  6. Had the exact same issue with the Z9PE-D8WS. I have a Cooler Master Cosmos case with a 1200W Corsair Power Supply and updated the BIOS, but still it won't power on with both chips. One chip works fine, hooking up the other breaks it.

    So I remembered that there are standoffs that came with the case that were very tight. I didn't have a pair of pliers handy, so I left them on, even though they don't fit the EEB standoff pattern.

    Well, the two extra standoffs are causing a short. I lifted up the motherboard and the thing POSTs.

    Hope this helps!

    BTW, this was issue three on this troubleshooting list. Use the list, it works!

    Edit: Well, that wasn't even the solution. Here's the real solution: "Setting the Intel Management Engine to "recover mode" (ME_RCVR1 jumper at 2-3 on the Asus) unlocked it."

    Edit again: The last solution gives it power, but it won't post or beep. The debug LED doesn't light up at all. At least the fans spin up..
  7. Had the exact same issue with the Z9PE-D8WS, just with a Corsair AX850. 1 CPU worked, but once another was fitted no POST or Q-Codes at all

    Took everything apart again, swapped CPUs, no luck. It turns out I was too concerned about the 'square' / 'round' pin patterns on the cables and motherboard CPU connectors. (The patterns didn't match)

    I wasn't prepared to fry US$3500+ of CPUs, but after a moment of courage / insanity I pushed them all in and everything came up, including the Q-Codes.
  8. Hi guys, can I just confirm from reading these replies? You can run the ASUS Z9PE-D8 with one Xeon_CPU? leaving the other socket empty?
  9. Works fine with a single socket populated, but that is obviously a bit of a waste.

    I posted a build log for this board at
  10. Hello everyone!

    This is my first post on this forum. I have a relatively simple question. I recently sold a pair of Intel QA92 ES chips on ebay. The buyer is claiming that they are incompatible with his motherboard and thought he was buying OEM chips. The listing clearly described these as ES chips and that they are NOT OEM and that compatibility should be figured out before bidding. He's claiming that because I put Intel 2687W ES into my description that I incorrectly described the chips. I see the QA92 chips described on web forums as being 2687W ES chips but that stepping is not listed on CPU world for the 2687W:

    So how can I get some sort of official "proof" that these are in fact 2687 W ES chips??? I can't seem to find any info on this! And the CPU world description doesn't list the QA92 stepping on their list of ES chips.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I want to do the right thing here, and if in fact these are NOT 2687 W ES chips, then I will return them and resell with more accurate descriptive info. But if I can find a way to verify them, it will save me some time and effort!!

    Thanks all!!
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