Should the amd a4-3400 be able to play 1080p videos smoothly?

Hi all,

I just did a mini itx build using the amd a4-3400. I built this mainly to hook up to my 47in samsung led tv. I am using the integrated graphics from a mini itx asrock motherboard; I primarily use this computer to watch movies and do a little web surfing. However, when I play high definition videos, my computer seems to struggle to scroll through scenes. There is a little bit of lag time if I scroll to another scene in the video and I also occasionally get checkers throughout the video a little after this lag time. However, if I let the video play for a bit, it will start to smooth out and the video will play nicely. I ve read on newegg and other forums that this apu should be able to play 1080p videos easily, but it seems like my apu is struggling when it comes to choosing different scenes or time points in a movie or a show. Is the a4 an underpowered apu for this purpose or is there something I might be doing wrong? I also suppose that it might be possible that the tv just has too high of a resolution for my apu and onboard graphics to handle. Please let me know if you know a fix or if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks :)

One more thing, my cpu/gpu is running really low temperatures, like 10-12 C idle. Do you think I might need to overclock this thing? Would that help my situation? I've tried fixing the problem by updating and rolling back video drivers.

Thanks again
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    Your temp sensors are reading wrong as you can't get that low temps without phase change cooling.

    Yes an a4 will be fine for 1080p video. Try doing a fresh install and making sure all your drivers are up to date.
  2. What you are experiencing with the video is related to a slow harddrive or low amount of ram on board.
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