Final build, ordering in a few hours, is it compatible?

Build: and am gonna wire it through an ethernet cable. Any feedback is appreciated.

Oh and would the diablotek 775W for 70$ be good enough when I SLI this in the future? It gets 5 star reviews everywhere. I know that I usually sucks but what's the coincidence that everyone liked it.

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  1. No - do not purchase a Diablotek power supply - they are among the absolute worst in the industry. And never mind the store reviews - 90% of the time they're completely baseless.

    For ~$70 this would be a far better choice:

    That build looks pretty good overall - the HD has the potential to be a bottleneck - you might want to think about adding an SSD later on, and there's no reason not to get a 3570K if you're purchasing a Z77 board. You won't get the board's full functionality if you use a 2500K.
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