Can my pc running a graphic card?

Operating System
MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 59 °C
Brisbane 65nm Technology

2.00 GB Single-Channel DDR2 @ 449MHz (5-5-5-15)

Acer RS740DVF (AM2)

V193HQ (1024x768@75Hz)
ATI Radeon 2100 (Acer Incorporated [ALI])

Hard Drives
149GB Seagate ST3160815AS (SATA)

Optical Drives

Realtek High Definition Audio

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  1. You will probably need a new PSU but it should be ok.
  2. the psu is ok...but do u know the minimum graphic card that can run fifa 13 or cod..
  3. I would say the consensus is that you would need a new PSU to get a new GPU, doesn't matter if the one you have is working or not, you will require a higher specced one.
  4. no...I take this psu,Strider,400W,287314.php?prod=287314

    but the graphic card to expensive to u know cheaper graphic card that can running fifa 13???
  5. er maybe whats ur budget in that currency?
  6. i just a kid
  7. 300 for powersupply+videocard or just videocard?
  8. both..the psu+gpu
  9. ok let me check.

    ill recommand whats best for 300 for both:

    power supply 143$,Strider,400W,287314.php?prod=287314

    and videocard:,AMD,Radeon,HD6450,Graphics,Card,,R645,1GI,Gigabyte,Warranty,,359204.php?prod=359204

    but ur not gonna be high gaming with that budget, but this is the best with ur budget sadly ;)
  10. nvm...i just my comp to have a gpu..better then empty..thank you very much for yor support :)
  11. ok cheers my friend :)
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