Loud Pop and Burning Smell. PC wont turn on.

The story:
So my dad had a problem with his pc and asked me to take a look at it. I'm almost 100% positive at this point that is running and he messed up somehow. At this point the fan is still on and It posts but there is no info going to the Monitor and the LED is not lit. I look inside and made things worse, I had the power on and was trying to plug a 4 pin connector into the mother board and then the power supply just went off and so did the fan. I give it like 2-3 hours and I unplug it and replug it and the fan is back on but still no LED lit or signal to the monitor. Long story short it has not given me any sign at all that it is on. Even when I could not see anything on the monitor I could still see some LED's lit up from the motherboard from the Ethernet plug in.

The problem:

So just today we get a new computer and I make a deal with my dad that if I can get it running he will get me a decent GPU. I put everything together to the best that I can without the MOBO manual( looked everywhere on Google and the manufacturer's website[PC chips akonii 74n 7050 is MOBO model No]). So I build the computer and everything looks ok but I could not get any signal that it was working. Someone told me to tap a 2 pin connector for the power switch with a screwdriver and when I did there was this loud pop and the power supply smelled like something was burning. After trouble shooting I found a metal screw inside of the power supply and Idk if that caused it to short circuit or if it was the fact that I did not have all the risers screwed into the motherboard. So is my PSU dead? If it is replacing it wont be the problem but I don't want to spend money if the MOBO, HARDRIVE, CPU, GPU, and everything else is broken.

I tried to plug in an ethernet cord again into the computer to test the MOBO but no LED this time. What can I do to fix/find the problem for this? I would really like to use this computer guys. Thanks
MOBO is an PC CHIPS AKONii P4n 7050 , and the PSU is a FSP 300-60tha(1)
Computer is a prebuilt Gateway dx 4640 ub101a
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  1. Your PSU is shorted. Hopefully it didn't take anything else down with it. Try it with a known working PSU if you have one and see if it works.
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