Multiple wired devices need to be wirelessly connected

Let me just start by saying I know how simple the answer to this must be, so forgive me for asking it....

I have a wireless G router and all of my devices that connect to it right now all have wireless adapters. I have several devices in a media closet (about 3 or 4 - Blu ray, DVR, ect) that only have wired ports. Since all these devices are right next to each other, I don't need to buy a wireless adapter for each one because that's just pointless. My question is, is there a way to have all 4 of these wired devices connect to a central device, which in turn this device connects to my wireless network? I know there is a way I just haven't been able to figure it out. And then, with this new device, is there some special way it has to be configured? I obviously know the basic setup stuff like associating it with the SSID and the wireless security. I just mean is there some advanced "setting up" I'll need to do as well?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
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  1. I use a ASUS RT-N12 which I flashed with DD-WRT firmware to wirelessly connect to my main router and use the LAN ports to connect my TV, DVD, and HTPC. Since I use the Repeater Bridge mode it also allows me to use it as an additional wireless AP (Access Point).
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