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Hi all, just finished rebuilding my pc and now when I start it, it comes on all the fans spin up and keeps like this indefinately but the monitor displays no signal input. Have now tried with dedicated and onboard graphics and two different working monitors and changed signal cables with the same result.

Have tried out of case now with just psu, cpu mobo and one stick RAM with the same results. Have tried without RAM and speaker beeped to indicate this, but there are no beeps normally when booting. Also tried with different RAM from other computer no change to the problem. Have tested my PSU in another computer all rails perfectly stable and it worked fine. Am now really stuck and any help would be appreciated.

Here are system specs;
i5 2500k
ASus Z77 sabertooth
XFX 750w modular psu
Samsung green 16gb RAM
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  1. Hi, try reinstalling the CPU and check the CPU socket for bent pins.
    What do you mean by rebuilding the PC?
  2. Thanks for the tip will try that, recently the old p8p67 board i had been using blew up, so i bought the sabertooth which is brand new, turned it on and have had this problem ever since. Maybe this helps to identify the problem.
    Will let you know how I get on with reinstall cpu
  3. If the pins are OK, then I think it's a CPU issue. Maybe not only the board blew up but the CPU also.
  4. what about monitor issues did anything else are able to use the monitor like an xbox

    if so its not a monitor problem

    but if it is i'm sorry to tell you that you might need another monitor
  5. I have only tried this pc on the monitor is use without success, but also tried the pc on a tv via hdmi with the same results just says no signal. Dont think it can be the monitor as it doesnt work on either.
  6. Another update tried reseating the cpu, no bent pins or any damage to the cpu itself. Also noticed around the cpu socket two of the wires (circuits to the socket) had what looked like a burn mark between them, is this relevant. Managed to test with another psu as well with no success.
    Any ideas what the problem could be, im pretty stuck.
  7. What about a different CPU?
  8. Just changed the CPU with a new I7-3770k and now the system is working and boots to desktop. One problem though in the BIOS the RAM voltage shows as 3v, is latest BIOS and ram set manually to 1.5v, why could this be
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