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Hello guys I have an extremely limited budget and I want to get a PSU for my HD 7850 I found two options within my budget limit:

Thermaltake Smart m450w 80 PLUS
HEC (Gamma) 500w PSU

which one of them can run this card?
I checked system requirements of this card on the AMD website it was 500W, But I saw some threads showing that the card needs much less than 500W PSU
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  1. My rig is

    Gigabyte H61
    Core i5 2400
    Kingstone 4 GB DDR3 ram
    HD 7850 (Or I can downgrade to HD 7770)
    I will not crossfire or overclock and I have extremely limited budget so those are the only PSUs within my limit
  2. i would go for a Antec EA380 watts , it has one 6 pin connector and with no overlock on the cpu you should be fine overlocking the video card

    Delta makes this psus, they should be fine, ive had 5 psus from this Earthwatts series and non had any issues, one EA650, Two EA500, one EA380 and one EA430

    dont just expect something fancy, the PSU just work as they should
  3. So non of the above can power my vga?
    Antec EA380 is not available at my location
  4. yeah they can i just meant something cheap that can do the job.... id go if had to chose from those two, CORSAIR hands down ive hade some bad experience with thermaltake products and not just PSUs
  5. Corsair PSU are an old design but fairly good and stable
  6. lJust buy Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 500W 500 Watts PSU
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