Please help me choose a graphic card for my computer guys...

HI guys, I am planning to add a Entry level graphic card to my HP pavilion a6340in PC. I have narrowed onto the ATI Raedon HD 5570 1GBDDR3 and the Nvidia GT 440 1GBDDR which comes under my budget.
My computer is 4 years old. here are its specifications:
Intel Core2DUo E4500 2.2Ghz
Windows Vista Starter 32 Bit
1GB DDR2 RAM, 160GB HDD. The problem is i cannot upgrade my 300W PSU and chose these cards as i heard they run in 300W PSU. However i just want to confirm with you guys .
Here are the PSU specifications:
These were the texts written on the PSU unit:
DC output:
+5V= 25A, +12V= 19A,
+3.3V= 18A, -12V=0.8A, +5VSB= 2A.
+5V and +3.3V shall not exceed 175W.
+6V and +12V shall not exceed 268W.
in addition my Cabinet has one fan and a heat sink for the processor. Please let me know if both the GT440 and HD5570 are capable of running in my 300W PSU with the above specifications.
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    Yes, both the 5570 & the 440 can run from your power supply.

    But performance wise, 5570 is faster than the 440 so go for the 5570 or even the 5670/6670.

    Theoretically, your PSU can power 7750 800Mhz which is the most powerful graphics card that does not need 6PIN PCIe connector. But realizing that you got a 4 year old unbranded PSU, I would like to be a little more conservative in this recommendation so stick with 5570 or 5670/6670 at the most (if your budget allow).
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