Which psu is the best for my rig

i5 3570k

possibly cooler master 212 evo if needed

gigabyte gtx 660 2gb or evga 660 super clocked

ddr3 1600 mhz x2 240 unbuffered

seagate 1.5tb 5900rpm 64mb cache

win 7 64 bit

NZXT phantom red (not 410)0r (810)

gigabyte Ga-Z77-D3H SOCKET 1155 VGA HDMI 8

the psi i had in mind was a corsair cx600W but would this be enough or would i need to go up to cors air gaming series 700W

p.s i haven't bought all of this rig yet so if there are any upgrades or compatability issues please let me know. using for medium gaming. e.g guild wars 2 day z :)
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  1. The corsair 600W is a good choice. Corsair are a good brand and it is unlikely to blow up or fail like some other cheap PSUs. The GTX660 is a great GPU, definitely get one that has a different cooler from the reference design. The EVGA one is not a great cooler and sounds like a jet engine, but the Gigabyte Windforce cooler is much quieter and provides much better cooling for the card. If you can fund it, the XFX Core 650W is a great PSU with a 5 year warranty. You could get away with a 550W PSU, but just in case you plan on upgrading to a better GPU in 2 or 3 years, the 600/650 will give you much more headroom. If you don't plan to overclock, or only overclock slightly, the Arctic Freezer Pro 7 Rev. 2 is a great CPU cooler.
  2. for powersupply ur gonna want this instead,


    good solid rosewill powersupply cheaper and just as good, 49$ after mir.

    i try to stay away from the cx line as it components arent as solid as the rest of the corsair ps lines.

    if you want an alternative there this as well.


    silverstone strider ps 600watts quite nice.

    also for hard-drive:


    74 dollars and just as good, also runs at 7200rpm not 5900rpm.

    for mobo:


    very solid board


    the one u chose is good as well.

    for graphic card id chose this:


    7870 2 gigahertz gives u more juice and u get free 2 games.

    and for ram:


    64$ for 16 gig kit

    also that evo is useful only if u gonna overclock if not stock works fine.

    that case is also decent.
  3. thanks you both helped lists :)
  4. cheers my friend
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