Upgrading video card need help

I have a gigabyte ga-m55sli-s4 motherboard,, wanted to upgrade my vidoe card,, need hdmi, and info on how torun sli,, any suggestions what video cards to buy,, not gaming just using this machine for my flat screen tv,, thank you
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  1. If all you need is an HDMI output for an HDTV, all you need is a cheap GPU like this one.
  2. You don't need to run SLI if you're not gaming.

    Geforce 210 should do the trick at $35:

    $25 after MIR.
  3. thank you very much
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    Happy to help.

    Either of the cards suggested would work.

    The 210 is cheaper after rebate, and the 5450 is cheaper before rebate (if you don't want to bother with a rebate). 5450 is also fanless, so no noise.

    If you have what you need,

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