Crossfire nvidia quadro fx 5500 and radeon sapphire 6850

Hello, the title pretty much says it all. i have a radeon sapphire 6850 installed now. my friend gave me a nvidia quadro fx 5500 and i was just curious if i can crossfire them safely without burning out my motherboard (asus M5_A88-Evo
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    The short answer is no.

    Crossfire is the AMD technology for pairing two AMD GPUs. You have an nVidia workstation GPU and an AMD consumer GPU.

    Workstation GPUs are not optimized for gaming, and are better used for things like AutoCAD
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  3. so i wouldn't hardly(or at all) benefit from putting it in?
  4. Not unless you run them for different purposes.

    You could use the 6850 for gaming and the quadro for rendering (if you do anything like that)

    If you are only gaming, there's no benefit to putting it in.
  5. alright ill just make an attempt to sell it then, thank you blade061188 your knowledge is much appreciated.
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