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So after some more browsing for my build, i found a workable build for myself. any criticism, suggestions, or questions about my build, please give me some feed back, ill need it. i want to stay fairly cheap with this build, but i do want the ssd, gpu, and cpu. my budget is really anything below 2k. i want this for gaming and so i wont have to upgrade for a few years. will it run cool, will it be able to keep up with bf3, etc.
Intel Core i7 3820 CPU:

Crucial M4 256gb SSD:

G-Skill 16gb (2x8GB) RAM:

Seagate 1TB HDD:

Corsair 750W Enthusiast Series PSU:


Sabertooth X79 MoBo:

Antec 900 Case:

Noctua NH-D14 Heatsink:
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  1. Despite what you may think, a bigger CPU doesn't make it all that future proof.

    An i5-3570k will be adequate for gaming for a long time, no need to go onto LGA2011 (which is more appropriate for server grade hardware).
    Intel i5-3570k. $320

    SSD is quite large, 128GB is the most you will need on a gaming rig. I wouldn't suggest putting your games on there, as a big library of games will quite quickly fill it up. This drive is faster as well.
    OCZ Vertex 4 128GB. $115

    A good motherboard that will support dual Crossfire/SLI and has all the features you need.
    AsRock Z77 Extreme4. $135

    You can get a 4x4GB kit of RAM, you will never need 32GB for gaming (even 16GB is overkill). You will need low profile RAM if you want to able to use that very large Noctua.
    G.Skill Ares 16GB (4x4GB) 1600Mhz CL9 1.5v. $89

    That case is anything but future proof, no cable management. With the money saved on the mobo/CPU, you can easily afford a good one. Feel free to pick a different one (Coolermaster HAF series and all the Corsairs are good options), just make sure to research it first.
    Coolermaster HAF-XM. $130
  2. agree with aboe suggestions.

    you also probably don't need to buy an $83 cooler, especially since you can only OC that CPU more than 4-6bins before you hit the lock.
    Suggest you save $50 or so to get a 212evo or plus and put that $50 somewhere in your budget. (for games, GPU GPU GPU)

    For quiet, which comes with cool; case choice play a big role. Read over the recommendations at spcr
  3. thank you for both of your suggestions, i did make some modifications. I decided to go with the Cooler Master HAF 922 RC for the case. As for the RAM i went with the GSkill ares 16gb (2x8gb) i feel its a lower profile but still minimizes space taken up by RAM. the mobo and cpu are both what was suggested by chalk. im sticking with the 670gtx, but i have to wait for newegg to put another one up for sale that isnt extortionately priced, i'm looking at an amazon one for 400.
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