My keyboard typing _ instead of ? only in outlook

Help, my keyboard is typing a _ instead of a ? and visa versa but only in outlook not on my browser
Can anyone advise?
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  1. Does the problem persist with a different keyboard?
  2. I would check your language settings in Microsoft Word. Some people have Word assigned as their email composer for Outlook.

    If you have a newer version of Office that uses the Ribbon:

    click the Office Orb in the upper left
    then select 'Word Options'.
    On the 'Popular' menu, click the 'Language Settings' button.
    Verify that your language of choice is properly selected under 'Enabled editing languages'
    Verify that your Primary editing language is set to the proper choice as well.
    Click 'Ok', then 'Ok' again to exit the Options dialog.
    Test your keyboard.

    If that didn't work, come back into the Options dialog
    Choose the 'Proofing' menu
    Click on the 'AutoCorrect' button
    If 'Replace text as you type' is checkmarked, verify the substitution you are witnessing is not in this list.
    If it is, remove it by selecting the entry and clicking the 'Delete' button.
    Click 'Ok' and 'Ok' again.
    Test your keyboard.

    This should do the trick.
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