Feeling like a real novice but help?

Okay, so im looking to buy a desktop computer for gaming... i kind of know what im looking for but would like some advice, I don't intend on playing really high powered games (i think) and would like some advice on what spec's i should look for because i really want to be able to record what i am playing and 'commentate' like a LP'er on youtube so please try and help on what you would suggest and try and give me the least expensive option if possible please.... thanks in advance :)
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  1. Fill this out and then post it so we can help you

  2. " i really want to be able to record what i am playing " Also post what software you'll use to record. Recording (unless you use a camcorder!) adds a good bit of overhead.

    One place to start is pick the CPU you want which will turn out to be a cheap intel http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-cpu-review-overclock,3106.html http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-fx-pentium-apu-benchmark,3120.html

    Then either grab a cheap refurb PC with that or better CPU (usually the cheapest route, especially if you need an OS). Or post for a build.

    Then pick your video card. This is a great ref. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-3.html
  3. you have four options.

    1. Commit to something low cost now and risk being disappointed in the future.

    2. do your research, learn compatibility and how to build your own, and build a great system.

    3. buy something low cost now that will run what you need for a year or so and use the money you saved to upgrade components or pc as your demands change.

    4. wait, save up, and buy or build a kickass system that will last 4-5 years before it inevitably becomes obsolete.

    its your money, decide carefully.

    i find it helpful to make a chart.

    come up with a dozen or so criteria for example: speed, performance, storage, bragging rights, ego based criteria such as coolness and looks or the fact that you built it yourself.
    (dont undermine ego based criteria, they can be just as important as humans are egotistical creatures and you will get a lot of pleasure out of ego based criteria.)

    take these criteria and HONESTLY rate each option available to you and rate them from 1 to 100.
    (again, if you honestly get pleasure out of ego based criterion, rate it high, its YOUR money and YOUR system and ultimately YOUR pleasure, dont lie to yourself. )

    compare the different options by going trough each criterion and adding up the total. whichever option has the highest score wins. then commit.
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