Poor Performance from a new 7850

Going to keep this short and simple (since on other forums, too much information causes people to disregard the problem):

Gigabyte UD3R X58A socket 1366
i7 920 2.8ghz overclocked to a 3.4ghz
HIS Radeon 7850 IceQ X (that I OC'd)
6GB Kingston RAM
1 300GB Segate Barracuda 7200rpms
1200w Thortech PSU (totally overkill, I know)

I just got the 7850 and it's not performing very well. Frame rates drop drastically to unplayable levels if I bring AA up to 4x or above.

The questions I have are:

1.) Should I leave the settings in the CCC to "Use Application Settings" and then change the settings in the games I play?

2.) Should I increase the voltage on the GPU if I am overclocking it?

3.) What could cause anti-aliasing to not work?

4.) Do I have a bottleneck someplace? (seems highly unlikely)

I will state that I upgraded from a 5850. On another forum I'm being told that the 7850 wasn't a worthy upgrade from a 5850 and I would see only a tiny performance increase. I don't care about that.[\b] This was one of the best cards I could get in my price range ($250). It was suggested that I get a GTX 480, mod it with some aftermarket hs/fans, and then OC it. I didn't want to deal with aftermarket hs/fans, so I just went with the 7850.

Hopefully I can get some more help out of you guys as opposed to "hurp durp 7850 not gud upgradez from 5850".
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  1. Your New card is definately a good upgrade.Please mention why you think its performing poorly.Have you done any benchmarks and compared it to any benchmarks of that same card in a review or something ?Also Mention the Resolution you have been Playing games at and which games.
  2. I'm playing games a 1920 x 1080 over HDMI on a Hanns-G 27" monitor that I'm in love with. :D

    I am comparing it, unfortunately, to the performance i was getting out of my 5850. I could have the settings almost at the highest possible in just about any game and get great quality and performance. I would push 50fps, and the quality would be great.

    What I'm seeing now is really poor quality just to get 50fps out of the card. And if I bring any settings up (either in the game or CCC) the fps drops dramatically (to about 15) and the quality doesn't really even look that good.

    I took a few screen shots in Dragon Age II of what's happening, but I don't have access to them at this time. I might be able to post them when I get home.

    I have yet to run futuremark or anything of that nature.
  3. OS?
  4. Whoops.

    Win7 Pro 64bit
  5. Try 12.6, make sure all other Drivers (Chipset, etc ) are up to date
  6. I'd also try removing the drivers and installing from scratch. You either have a bum card or a driver issue.
  7. I've tried various versions of drivers. 12.3, 12.4 and 12.6. None make a difference. I still don't know if I should be using the settings in CCC or the settings in the game for this.

    I'm going to try bringing the clocks back down to stock on the card to see if that's causing the problem.
  8. As someone suggested, Do a complete driver wipe. Using DriverSweeper or so, Especially since you played around with CCC Settings. I had a feeling my card was underperforming when I bot my 6870 a year and half ago, Turned out my HEXA core 2.8 CPU was the bottleneck. Yours seems fine. Best way to check is Run 3DMark and compare with a Review done here. I'd also suggest taking you CPU clocks to stock and checking, Probabbly a bad(wrongly done) overclock.
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