3770k vs 3820 for gaming and programming

Hello guys, I am currently considering what set up to get for my new build. I will be using the machine for both gaming and programming so it will need to be able to run VMs as programming will be the main purpose. I wanted to get some opinions on what set up to go with.

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  1. Get the 3770k, about same performance between the two in gaming and programming, the i7-3770k is cheaper and the respective mobos the same(Z77).
    The i7-3770k can be overclocked if needed.
    The only cpu worth in the lga 2011 is the i7-3930k.
  2. +1 to 3770K
    Both the CPU and the platform is cheaper (1155 vs 2011), plus of course the 3770K is unlocked and you can really juice it if you so desire. Also remember that it's Ivy Bridge, which means it'll be more efficient than 3820 (Sandy Bridge).
    Generally, there's no question between these two CPUs. But ask yourself how intensive your work will be- maybe you will need a 2011 mobo? Will you have any use for the extra RAM capacity and PCIE lanes? My guess is no. If that's the case- go with 3770K on 1155, and you will actually get BETTER performance for LESS money.
  3. cheers for the advice! will probs go for the 3770k with asus sabertooth z77 mobo, 16gb ballistix ram and AMD 7950 gpu

    cheers for the advice guys!
  4. nice, enjoy ur new build
  5. iceclock said:
    nice, enjoy ur new build

    will do cheers buddy
  6. about the same performance with the 3820 and 3770 not big difference, between the fact that the lga 2011 socket supports 6core intels and is more future proof, but thats about it and cost more for motherboards.
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