PSU single rail adapter?

I have a 1200w ultra x4 power supply, it only has one 12v rail, my mobo requires two. Would a 12v 8 pin y adapter work?
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  1. Are you talking about the CPU power connector?
    Adapter should work but most boards will run on onli 4 pins plugged into the correct position on the board.
  2. Not sure. I'm not the greatest at this. A friend said I have two 8 pin 12v power cables off of my mobo and only one input on my PSU. It is a asus server board.
  3. Which board then I can look it up?
  4. Z9PE-D16/2L

    Thanks for your help.
  5. Yes indeed it has two 8pin CPU power connectors and your PSU only 1 x 8 and 1 x4 so an adapter should work.
  6. or run two psu with it
  7. ahh lol i see... yea i'd also say an adapter should work fine.
  8. Thanks for all the help, the adapter seems to be working. My ram on the other hand, not so much. Someone told me that I did not have to use server ram, desktop ram would work. I bought 4x8gb sticks, and am getting b7 error code. b7 is "nvram configuration reset". Does that mean I bought the wrong ram?
  9. You will have to have ECC ram.
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