System index went down..

First of all, my config is as follows:
CPU: pentium dual core e5400 @ 2.70ghz, 2.70 ghz
Mobo: gigabyte ga g41m combo
gfx: sapphire radeon hd6670 1gb
hdd: wd caviar green 1tb (EARX)
ram: 4gb ddr3

about a week ago, i ran the windows experience index assessment and it gave the rating "5.9".
7.1 to both aero graphics and gaming graphics
and 5.9 was lowest due to hdd data rate.
i dont exactly remember cpu and ram score, but they were near 6.

I formatted my pc yesterday and today i ran the assessment again. New system rating was "5.4" due to cpu and ram both.
unchanged 7.1 to both gaming and aero.
and unchanged 5.9 to hdd rate.

moreover, when i previously saw "properties" of computer, it showed my processor as "Dual Core E5400 @2.70Ghz, 2.70Ghz.
After formatting, it showed "Dual Core E5400 @2.70Ghz, 2.1GHz.

what is the problem? is my cpu damaged or wht??
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  1. You found the issue with windows experience index. It's not reliable - never has been. Don't put a lot of thought to this. If you want to know how your system is running, run some benchmarks.
  2. suggest some good benchmarking softwares then?
  3. okay never mind, there was a voltage problem. The values of voltage and clock speed in my bios were set incorrectly.
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    One tip, never rely on Windows Experience Index, it is a troll tool made by Micro$oft to make you get the best hardware in the market which costs you a lot of money and then makes you cry as you don't reach 7.9 on each category..

    Well i might of gotten a little carried away but you should get the message.

    Merry Xmas!
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