Other deal didn't fall through, Need new idea!

So I have a Corsair TX 750W 80 plus bronze power supply, I was thinking about getting GTX 480 SLI, but I can't with my power supply without getting real close to peaking it, so that's out. I was going to get a new EVGA Classified GTX 590, but the owner took it off Ebay so that's out. I don't know if I want to spend over 850$ to SLI GTX 670's when there's other combinations out there that will give me reallly good performance for less money I'd imagine. So can anyone give me the missing piece of the puzzle here. My budget is around $700. What can I do for some really good performance with my power supply and budget. Doesn't need to be new gen either. Probably better if it's not considering other cards went down in price also. I am open to CFX and SLi setups as well. Thanks again guys, I have been doing research and stuff for a bit now and it can be frustrating.
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  1. If you like the GTX 670, I would recommend the option to get a single card. A single GTX 670 will be able to get an excellent framerate with almost every game at maximum settings, even running at high resolutions. You won't need to upgrade from a single GTX 670 to sli for at least a couple years, and when you do, the price drop will fit the combined cost of both cards within your $700 budget.
  2. Yeah, but I think I can get a better deal on something that gives me even more performance than a single gtx 670 right now for less money. It's true, I was going to get an EVGA CLASSIFIED GTX 590 OC, but it didn't pan out. So looking at my options now.
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