Fastest processor for a PPGA478 socket

I have a Dell1525 with a T5470 in a PPGA478 socket what is the fastest processor i can uograde to
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  1. u can find a processor for that but id recommand against it, for the price of a processor and a bit more u can get a new laptop.
  2. Your laptop is what, 5, going on six years old? That's a good run, treat yourself to a new laptop for Christmas :D

    Or....if you can stick it out with what you have until next spring/summer, look for a laptop with Haswell, power consumption should be much improved, even over the latest Ivy mobile chips.

    I'm just not sure if it makes sense to spend money on an incremental (probably minimal) gain, when your laptop as a whole is getting long in the tooth, even for generic uses.
  3. it doesnt the processor cost over 100$, and for 350-400 can get a new one with better specs.

    so yeah my opinion is against it sorry, save up a few hundred more bucks and get a new laptop :)
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